Message from the President

The committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of the Languedoc Roussillon Region is a network of 43 members, all international experts, who form part of the 4300 French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) established throughout the world.

Through a Prime Ministerial decree, they are appointed for three years to support SME’s . They also place their practical knowledge of international markets at the service of young people (training roles, recruitment support). They have a special working relationship with local and consular authorities and with professional bodies (DGT, Business France, chambers of commerce, Medef International, Coface, Bpifrance, etc.) which promote foreign trade and the appeal of France.

CCE volunteer also make available their experience and contacts to public institutions and thus play the role of advisors and, implicitly, of lobbyists.

Every month the committee organizes meetings on various themes such as monitoring technology and competition, legal matters, export funding, international logistics etc. As well as these meetings, every two months, the committee organizes visits to companies such as Horiba, Saint Charles International, Vinadeis etc. that include a presentation of their international strategies.

Last but not least the committee fosters communications and the values which the CCE promote internationally; they are true ambassadors of French culture and know-how.

To facilitate communications, both internally with members of the committee and externally with our partners, a dedicated space for Languedoc Roussillon has been created in the national CNCCEF website. It provides all the news from members and foreign trade trends, as well as being a website dedicated to our privileged partners:

Catherine HILGERS
Head of the Languedoc Roussillon committee of CCE’s